Local Rules

Local Rules

These are the Local Rules in effect at the Comox Golf Course:

  1. Exposed drainage ditches and water lines (French drains) are deemed to be Ground under Repair. Relief may be taken according to Rule 16.1.
  2. A drop zone is provided behind the green on Hole #2/11. If your ball lands on the portion of the cart path defined by green stakes to the right of the green and your stance and/or swing is not impeded by the boundary fence, you may use the drop zone instead of playing from the cart path or seeking the nearest point of relief from the cart path, without penalty. 
If your stance and/or swing is impeded by the fence, you are not entitled to free relief. To use the drop zone, you must first take relief from the fence under Rule 19. Unplayable Ball (two-club lengths no closer to the hole) one-stroke penalty. If your ball then lands on the cart path unimpeded by the fence, you are then allowed to proceed as above. You also have the option under Rule 19 of returning to where you last hit the ball instead of using the drop zone (again, a one-stroke penalty).
  3. Do not play from any portion of the brick wall on Hole #4/13. Proceed under Rule 17.
  4. Hole #8/17: If a ball is in, or it is known or virtually certain that a ball that has not been found is in the red penalty area behind hole #8/17 defined by the green stakes (between the bridge on the left side of the green to the green stake at the corner of the penalty area on the right hand side of the green), the player may: (1) Proceed under Rule 17; or (2) As an additional option, drop a ball, under penalty of one stroke, in the dropping zone provided, near the bridge on the left hand side of the green.
  1. Bunkers- If your ball is in a deer hoof print in the bunker, You may lift, clean and rake then replace your ball as near as possible to the original spot. No penalty.
  1. Stroke and distance- RECREATIONAL GOLF ONLY- When a player’s ball is lost, or is known or virtually certain to be out of bounds, the player may proceed under the stroke and distance local rule for two penalty strokes, dropping the ball within two club lengths onto the fairway no nearer to the hole. This local rule is not allowed if a provisional ball has been played. See model local rule E-5 for full details of the local rule. As per Model Local Rule  E-5 (USGA/RCGA)


Means any grass area in the general area that is cut to fairway height or less.  i.e. what we call fairway.

There is a full description of this local rule in both locker rooms and in the Pro Shop.

One may drop anywhere between the point where the lost ball or out of bounds ball left the course, to up to two club lengths inside the fairway no nearer the hole with a two stroke penalty.

Please note this Rule does not apply to our Club Championships, men’s or ladies North island Tournaments. 

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